MMI/Pfizer course provides unique insight into development of biopharmaceuticals

Date Posted: 18 Nov 2013

MMI, in collaboration with Pfizer, successfully delivered the eighth annual offering of the 2 day course and workshop, 'Molecules to Medicines: How Biopharma Delivers' on 6 & 7 November. The course provided a comprehensive overview of the discovery, development and manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals using Pfizer’s Grange Castle operations as the case study. It attracted the highest attendance to date with over 90 postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers and scientists from academia, industry and the public sector participating.

"I found all aspects of the course to be extremely interesting and insightful", commented one of the participants.

Day 1 was held in the UCD Conway Institute of Biomolecular and Biomedical Research and featured lecture presentations by senior scientists based at Pfizer Grange Castle. Dr Matthew Lambert gave an introduction to the complex, lengthy and expensive business of biopharmaceutical discovery while Dr Brian Fennell provided a detailed account of the tools and technologies used to enable development from early stage to preclinical.

Jonathan O’ Toole described the major elements and considerations in the development of a typical manufacturing process, highlighting current and future challenges. Dr Brian Hasset presented the final lectures of the day which focused on the application of modern molecular techniques and technologies in the operation and control of biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

To gain a deeper insight into the biopharmaceutical industry, a small group of attendees participated in the workshop held the following day at MMI’s offices on St Stephen’s Green. Here Pfizer staff facilitated further discussion and clarification of the previous day’s lectures as well as breakout sessions which prompted attendees to solve specifically devised problem sets.

"Fascinating insight into biopharm industry. I certainly have a new found respect for every drug/vaccine I use in practice!"

"I would definitely recommend this course. It provided excellent information into the operations that are undertaken within industry."

Further details on this course can be found here

Photographs above (from left to right): Attendees during lectures; Dr Brian Hasset (Pfizer) giving his talk on biopharmaceutical manufacturing; Workshop participants, Dr Brian Fennel (Pfizer), Dr Mark Watson (MMI) & Dr Matthew Lambert (Pfizer) at the workshop


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