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Enabling Clinical and Translational Research


GeneLibrary Ireland

Molecular Medicine Ireland coordinated a successful application, led by Dr. Peter Doran, on behalf of our partner institutions and in association with Queens University Belfast to undertake the preparatory phase of establishing a control biobank of healthy Irish volunteer samples., entitled GeneLibrary Ireland The University of Ulster has since joined the consortium to make this a truly all-island initiative for Ireland.

The GeneLibrary Ireland biobank, will contain DNA and blood samples collected from 10,000 volunteers throughout the island of Ireland along with the results of a detailed medical examination (e.g. information about height, weight, lung and heart function) and information on lifestyle and environment. GeneLibrary Ireland will also provide an important baseline evaluation of the health status of the population of Ireland and serve as a control for future public health studies. The development of GeneLibrary Ireland will ensure that there is a comprehensive resource of control bio-materials with well-documented medical and clinical information, which will allow researchers to study the role that different genes play in disease and health processes thereby generating knowledge to improve health.

The preparatory phase of GeneLibrary Ireland is underway with the key aim of presenting our funders, the HRB and the R&D Office with a blueprint of how GeneLibrary Ireland should be established and maintained before the end of 2008.

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Prostate Cancer Research Consortium

Created in October 2003, with funding from the Irish Cancer Society, the Prostate Cancer Research Consortium is a multi-disciplinary, trans-institutional collaboration bringing together researchers from UCD, TCD, RCSI and DCU along with five teaching hospitals in a combined effort to identify novel disease biomarkers for earlier detection and more reliable prognosis for prostate cancer. The federated bioresource of the PCRC has collected tissue, serum/plasma, urine and DNA from 450 patients and these bio-resources fuel the current discovery and validation research programme.

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Irish Cervical Screening Research Consortium (CERVIVA)

The CERVIVA consortium, funded by the Health Research Board, is a multi-investigator collaboration encompassing researchers at seven Irish universities, eight hospitals and ten commercial diagnostic/ biotechnology companies. CERVIVA aims to instigate and advance high quality peer-reviewed research programmes that provide the best possible information and guidance in the delivery of cervical screening services to women living in Ireland. This research is significant considering that approximately 85 Irish women die each year from cervical cancer which is almost twice the EU average.

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Programme for Human Genomics

The Programme for Human Genomics was a 45million infrastructure investment by the Higher Education Authority (HEA) under its Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions(PRTLI), the funding for which drew to a close at the end of 2007.

The programme funded cross-institutional and translational research in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI), Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and University College Dublin (UCD).

The benefit of the HEA investment has been demonstrated by the considerable progress in all aspects of the programme objectives but in particular in improving cross-institutional collaboration; providing core technologies and clinical research infrastructure; promoting translational biomedical research; the success of internationally recognised research programmes; the development and delivery of cross-institutional Training and Education Programmes and the capture of significant extra-mural research funding.

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