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CSFP Structured Training


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Period of Structured Training

Second Period of Structured Training 

Period of Structured Training

Fourth Period of Structured Training

First Period of Structured Training: 30 June-5 July 2008

The first period of CSFP Structured Training was held from 30 June-5 July 2008 in the Catherine McAuley Education and Research Centre, Mater Misericordiae University Hospital. Included in the week were Clinician Scientist Keynote Lectures from leading practitioners, a two-day Introduction to Research and Laboratory Methods for Clinician Scientists, a one-day Writing & Communication Skills Workshop, lectures on Translating Your Research into the Clinical Setting, and a one-day Integrity in Scientific Research Workshop.

A welcome reception was held for the Fellows and their supervisors on Monday 30 June in the Cheyne Lecture Theatre, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, to celebrate the beginning of the Structured Training. Professor William Powderly (UCD School of Medicine and Medical Science) gave a keynote lecture entitled "25 Years of Clinical Research - structure and serendipity", which was followed by a wine reception.

Download the schedule for July 2008 Structured Training(PDF)
Download the learning objectives for July 2008 structured training (PDF)

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Second period of Structured Training: 16-26 September 2008

The second period of Structured Training was held from16-26 September 2008 at three venues: TCD Institute of Molecular Medicine, St. James's Hospital; RCSI; and UCD Conway Institute. During the two weeks, the Clinician Scientist Fellows attended a series of intensive Molecular Biology lectures by TCD staff, and a three-day "hands-on" Bioinformatics workshop. A subsequent self-directed learning module saw them putting their learning into practice by preparing and delivering presentations on the biology underlying disease.

Also included in this period of Training were an Information Retrieval workshop hosted by RCSI library, and a Project Managment workshop, also hosted by RCSI. At UCD Conway Institute, the Fellows heard a series of short lectures on animal models of disease and were given a tour of the Conway Institute's Core Technology facilities.

Download the schedule for September 2008 Structured Training(PDF)
Download the learning objectives for September 2008 structured training (PDF)

Above: MMI Clincian Scientist Fellows pictured outside UCD Conway Institute
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Third period of Structured Training: 6-10 July 2009

Workshop in Biostatistics, Clinician Scientist Keynote Lectures by Professor Matthew Griffin (NUIG) and Dr Christine Dingivan (PPD Inc, US)

The third period of Structured Training was held from 6-10 July 2009 at NUI Galway.  A large component of the training was a Biostatistics workshop which ran over five mornings (15 hours in total). The workshop, which was run by Dr John Newell (Dept of Mathematics and HRB CRF, NUI Galway) together with Professor Tom Aitchison (formerly Department of Statistics, University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK). The workshop aimed to provide participants with an overview of fundamental biostatistical methods, an understanding of the key concept of variability and a practical working knowledge of the statistical techniques they are likely to encounter in applied medical research.

The Biostatistics workshop was opened up as an MMI/HRB CRF Galway course to a wider audience of researchers from MMI partners and other institutions and to industry. Interest in the workshop was high and it was limited to 56 attendees. For a news report on the Biostatistics workshop please see here.

Topics covered during the remainder of the Structured Training, which was taught by NUI Galway faculty, included both discipline-specific and generic/transferable skills. Lectures on Biomaterials and Bioengineering and workshop sessions on a variety of scientific techniques (e.g. Immunochemistry, FACs, molecular biology techniques, real time PCR, DNA/RNA/protein isolation, microarrays) were held. A workshop on Bibliometrics ("Finding the needle in the e-stack") was designed to enable students to refine their search strategy in various e-resources available on the Net, using basic and advanced searches, to critically appraise publications retrieved and to store these in EndNote.

Workshop in Biostatistics, coffee break during the Structured Training, lecture by Dr John Kavanagh (Technology Transfer Office, NUIG)

Generic/transferable skills covered  during the Structured Training included Grant writing, Paper review, and Intellectual Property and Patents. Dr Ger Flaherty (Lecturer in Medical Education and Clinical Skills, NUI Galway) presented a lecture on current approaches to medical education, the role of the medical educator and possible pathways to a part-time or full-time career in medical education.

Two Keynote lectures were also included in the week's schedule. These clinician scientist keynote lectures have been an important aspect of all periods of the CSFP Structured Training. Professor Matthew Griffin (Professor of Transplant Biology, REMEDI, NUI Galway) described his career pathway and offered advice for those embarking on a career as a clinician scientist in his talk "Man on Wire - How do you keep your balance as a clinician scientist?". Dr Christine Dingivan (Executive Vice-President and Chief Medical Officer, PPD Inc, US) delivered a lecture on "PK/PD Modeling – model based drug development".

Download the full schedule for July 2009 Structured Training(PDF)
Download the learning objectives for July 2009 structured training (PDF)

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Fourth period of Structured Training: 21-24 June 2010

The fourth period of Structured Training took place from 21-24 June 2010 at University College Cork (UCC). The MMI Fellows were brought together for education modules covering innovation, commercialisation and career management and leadership in academic medicine.

Dr Margaret O’Rourke (Consultant Forensic Clinical Psychologist
/Director of Behavioural Science, School of Medicine, UCC) delivered  a workshop to MMI Fellows entitled ' SAFEMED: Leadership, Stress Regulation & Life skills for Clinician Scientists' as part of the structured training week

Download the schedule for June 2010 Structured Training (PDF)
Download the learning objectives for June 2010 Sructured Training (PDF)

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