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Enabling Clinical and Translational Research

CTRSP Education Modules & Placements

Education Modules

In Year 1 the MMI Clinical & Translational Research Scholars will participate in core modules at UCD and TCD and optional specialist modules in UCC and NUI Galway.

Core Module topics include:

  • Molecular Medicine: Human Disease
  • Molecular Mechanisms of Disease Pathogenesis 
  • Communication, Teamwork and Research Ethics
  • Fundamental Biological Imaging
  • Integrated Pharmacology
  • Biostatistics

Optional Module topics include:

  • Translational Research in Haematology and Oncology
  • Making Clinical Research Change Practice
  • Stem cells and Gene Therapy
  • Drug Development and Clinical Trials Design
  • Introduction to Biomarker Discovery
  • Neonatal Brain Injury
  • Cardiovascular Biology
  • Gastrointestinal Health

In Years 2 and 3 scholars will complete distance-learning based modules

Optional Module topics include:

  • Intellectual Property in the Research Context
  • Project Management in the Research Context
  • Epidemiology
  • Regulation of pharmaceutical and medical devices
  • Clinical Research Questions
  • Case Studies in Research Ethics
  • Case studies in Drug Development
  • Case Studies in Biomedical Device Development


During Year 1, MMI Clinical & Translational Research Scholars will undertake placements in academic research groups, in clinical research facilities, and in industry. Placements are designed to familiarise Scholars with the different research environments, build links with other researchers, and enable the completion and reporting of concise research projects with the support of mentors. Further information here and here