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Respiratory Medicine Prize awarded to MMI Clinician Scientist Fellow

Date Posted: 16 Jun 2011


From left to right: Guen Flanagan (Mundiharma Pharmaceuticals), Dr Sanjay Chotirmall (RCSI) and Prof Tom Walsh (President of the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland)

Dr Sanjay Chotirmall was awarded the Respiratory Medicine Prize at the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland Doctor Awards 2011 on Thursday May 26th, at a reception in the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland in Kildare Street. He was awarded the prize for his paper entitled '17Beta-estradiol inhibits IL-8 in cystic fibrosis by up-regulating secretory leucoprotease inhibitor'. This paper was published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine in July 2010.

Dr. Chotirmall is a clinical-scientist funded by Molecular Medicine Ireland. Further information on the Clinician Scientist Fellowship Programme (CSFP) can be found here

Dr Chotirmall presented his research at the occasion of the MMI Clinician Scientific Annual Meeting on 1st July in Dublin. Further details here